City of Etain

Geographical situation

ETAIN is a small town of the North Meusien, being a member of the district of VERDUN, and administrative center of canton. Her population amounts to 3767 inhabitants (Legal population of 2013).
Situated in 205 meters in height, the municipality extends over a 1 964 hectare surface, close to the old mines of Lorraine.

Go to Etain

To return you to Tin, you can borrow the road, the highway, and the railroad:

  • By the road and the highway:
    - A 4 : Paris, direction Strasbourg, exit "Ville en Woëvre", direction Etain (10 km)
    - RD 603 : Paris, Verdun, Etain (ex RN3)
    - RD 631 et RD 603 : Metz Etain (ex RN3)
    - RD 618 : Luxembourg, Longwy, Etain
    - RD 65 : Damvillers, Etain
    - RD 906 : Briey, Etain
  • By the railroad:
    - From Paris, via Meuse TGV
    - From Metz: express, or via Conflans
    - From Nancy : via Conflans or Metz

A central position with regard to Europe

Her central geographical situation in Europe is favorable to its development. Indeed, we are unless 350 kilometers of numerous cities of Europe:

Verdun 20km Bruxelles 255km
Metz 50 km Bonn 310 km
Nancy 100 km Strasbourg 255 km
Paris 290 km Luxembourg 75 km


"Few stainoises families can boast of having more than ten generations of ascendants who lived continuously at ETAIN. For the majority of us,we are one and all, immigrants, coming from more or less nearby departments and from more or less distant countries. 
After a strong increase of the population at the end of the Middle Ages, in the XVIIè century, the Thirty Years War ruined, totally, the country stainois.
After the War of 1870, it was the relative influx of the Alsace- Lorraine inhabitants, that did not approve the Prussian regime.
In 1914, it was the total exodus of the inhabitants of the invaded countries. Many of them did not return in their city or village of origin.
On the other hand, numerous immigrants came to help in the reconstruction of the destroyed urban areas. Many settled down; perfectly likened, they have creates an increase of the population.
The population of ETAIN is rather "cosmopolitan" and does not plunge deep roots into the past of its city; The past gets lost according to the disappearance of the former."

Text pulled by the book "ETAIN of its origins in our days"


Currently 3767 inhabitants live on the municipality of ETAIN, among which families numerous working on the basis of Etain-Rouvres, 3 ° Regiment of Armed helicopters.
As in Verdun, it was built post-war years of living districts for the Americans. They are the Cities of the Clairs Chênes (381 detached houses for approximately 1600 inhabitants today and Cities Patton.


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